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Out on a Limb blog

I publish Out on a Limb, a free monthly blog that focuses on how to maximize the joy in our lives. 

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As a writer, I dabble in many forms: poetry, short prose, articles and more.


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Feel Better Resources

None of us escape life’s challenges, especially grief and loss. From my perspective both as a retired psychotherapist and as one who knows grief intimately, I’ve gathered resources to help you cultivate more joy in your life. 


Click here to access my Feel Better Resources. 


This memoir about my creative father is an assembly of poignant vignettes, photos, lore and poetry into a vivid collage of words and images.


Visual Art

My father’s visual artistry had such an important impact on me. I wish I could paint like he did but I’ve found other ways to follow in his footsteps.


Click here to learn more about my photography, collage, and video art.

CREATIVE WORKS:     blog    writing/articles    feel'better'resources    visual'art

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