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Out on a Limb blog

Out on a Limb

 “Go out on a limb; that’s where the fruit is.”

~ Will Rogers


Out on a Limb is a monthly blog that explores how to maximize joy in your life. It’s not that I have joy all “figured out.” This blog is as much a meditation for myself in the pursuit of joy, as for you. This pursuit is a lifelong journey and the full experience of joy is, for most of us, episodic. May we all have more episodes!


Check out the archives for elaboration on such topics as dealing with uncertainty, learning how to surrender, shaking off the inner critic, and knowing your blind spots.


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Out on a Limb:
Recent Posts

Yinning Your Yang                                     March 2023

The Best Gift                                            December 2022

Praise for the Believers                           November 2022

Detachment                                               September 2022


Yinning Your Yang
The Best Gift
Praise for the Believers
Thank You, Girl Scouts?
What Independence?
The Big If
I Yam What I Yam
Making Peace with Conflict
Payoffs of Persistence
Reach For It
Just As We Breathe
Fall for the Cracks
Know Your Chi Suckers
Who's Watching?
Rolling Stones Wisdom
Fading of Presence
The Joy of Some Old Woman
Arboreal Wisdom
Go Ahead and Laugh
A Lesson from Dr. Goat
Supportive Scaffold
A Universal Gift
Jingle All the Way?
Be Like Mike
Where's the Grief Beef
Cell Wisdom
When Antidotes Are Needed
Empty Out!
Dwell On the Awe-ful
When Teflon is Needed
Do You Need a Contact High?
Should Isn't Always a Dirty Word
Gifts In Kind(ness)
Each Name Matters
Fall Into Letting Go
There's Joy in Truth Telling
To Be Understood
A Voice Appears
When a Loved One Disappoints
Does a "Proper Goodbye" Exist?
Those Blue Bayou Moments
Fast Pace, Snail's Pace
I Walked My Talk!
Are You Working It?




Bah Humbug to Stoicism

A Grateful La-La-La

Grief's Surprising Byproduct

Mix It Up

Don't Give Up

My Mom's Wise Words

Four Letters That Promote a Long Word

Not All Stains Come Out in the Wash

Is It Shavasana Yet?

The Merits of Exposure

Crossing the Bridge

Doing It Daily


Going Un-Gilly




The Big Ask

The Magic of Convergence

Be the Raise

Making Peace with Entropy

Discipline and Reward

Temporary Obliviousness

How Agitators Help

Make Art, Revisited



Gawk Less, Giggle More?

Check It Before You Wreck It



Fixin’ Things

Identify Your Bridges

The Simple Joys

Re-Framing Failure

Imagine Your Influence

Sanctioned Stopping

Discernment: Befriend That Observer

Knowing What Matters


Mulling Manageability

Worrier to Warrior

Get Your Daily Dose

Envy and Elements of Happiness

Different Does Not Equal Wrong

Ain’t Nothin’ Like …

Care for the Caregivers

The Voice of Poetry

Know Your Blind Spots

Leave It!

Grief and Relief




Bless the Blessings

The Kid Rx

The Real Dare

M and M’s

A Step Toward Joy

Re-Purpose Yourself

Make Art

The Joy of Understanding

Dealing with Droughts

Be a Dropout

Grab a Lifeline


In Search of Silver

Hankering for Harmony

Practicing Gratitude

Phone It In

Thank you, Harvey: Summoning Courage

Accessing Awe

TWYLALTR! (Take What You Like and Leave the Rest)

Leave the Stats Behind

Necessity? NOT!


Smile Sources



Year-Round Giving

Positive Permission

Mantra Magic

Short-Term Love


D.D.D. — Do a Daily Dance!

Antidotes to Neediness: In Search of an Inner Dad

Antidotes to Neediness: Cultivating Your Inner Mom

Swept Away: Embracing our Emotional Palette

Grace on a Limb

The Deserving Continuum

Applause, Applause



Honor Those Don’t Wanna’s

Do What You Love

Anticipating Loss

Tracking: The Agony and the Ecstasy

Life Isn’t Math

The Joy of Giving and Receiving

The Goodness of “My Bad”

Digging Out of the Muck: Madeline Sharples

Hummingbird Joy

To-Do Lists: Tool or Tyrant?

Savoring Silence

Facing the Grief Bully


Shoulds are a Killjoy

The Agony & Ecstasy of Being Present

Have Yourself a Mom-Fest

Empathy Failure in Grief

Chi Suckers, Part II

Stirring Up Your Chi

There’s No Place Like Homes

Getting It Done

Humble Arrogance


Embraceable You

Summon the Light, Praise the Darkness




Traditional Flexibility

Finding Fun

S-T-R-E-T-C-H: Beyond the Fear of Jeer

The Pithy Collection

The Four Pearls

Be a Fan

Know Your Season: Anticipate the Tough Times

Get Yourself a Pusher!

Suppression is Depression


Dance in the Rain


Second Annual Prompts for Joy

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Cultivating Tolerance

The Importance of Celebration

Consoling the Inconsolable

The Good, the Bad, and the Ego

The Practice of Perspective

Embracing Uncertainty

Taking Risks



Prompts for Joy

Solace for Surrender


Grey Your Black-and-White Thinking

Get Off the Self-Critic Train



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