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Praise for the Believers

November, 2022

Without Them, I'm Sunk

“Hang in there!”

“You really are making progress.”

“Keep going.”

Music to my ears . . . especially on tough days when doubts soar and confidence is a withered, spent rose.

Inching along with my book-in-progress, I nod in emphatic agreement with wisdom from bestselling author, Stephen King:

“Writing is a lonely job. Having someone who

believes in you makes a lot of difference.”

Many of the believers backing me are those who’ve read or listened to early drafts of prose I’ve been piecing together for nearly three years. Were it not for an abundant posse of readers, I’d be sunk.

“Write with the door closed,

rewrite with the door open.”

~ Stephen King, On Writing

Feedback takes so many forms, depending on the reader, and my goal is to welcome all of it . . . even that which is hard to hear. Without my door open, as Stephen King puts it, I cannot grow as a writer or as an editor of my own work.

I try not to wear out my welcome with any one reader, preferring to rely on a village of smart, sensitive, skilled souls. I can think of no better way to find out:

· how my writing affects the reader

· what didn’t make sense

· what can be omitted

· what isn’t aligned with the goals for my project

· etc.

Occasionally, a sizable group of readers evokes a “too many cooks” response. However, the upside usually outweighs the drawbacks of this abundance. Discernment might be needed to manage overwhelm but I still vote for keeping that door open. Rewrites will reveal the payoff.

My believers and readers are “joymongers” worthy of enthusiastic praise. I send heaps of gratitude to this global array (thanks to Zoom) of individuals who have helped me near completion of a first draft of a book-length manuscript:

Anne, Audrey, Barbara, Ben, Beth, Bill, Bob, Carol, Carol Ann, Carolyn, Charli, Cheryl, Cindy, Claudette, Corinne, Cynthia, Danielle, Darcy, Darlene, Dee Marie, Diane, Elias, Emily, Fi, Geri, Hannah, Helene, James, Jana, Jean, Jennifer, Jessica, Jill, Joan, Joanna, Jon, Josh, Judith, Karen, Kathy, Korie, Linda, Lynnette, Manon, Marion, Michael C, Michael S, Michael W, Mike, Mimi, Monika, Nancy, Nardi, Nurit, Patricia, Richard, Robin, Rotem, Roz, Soraya, Steve, Sue B, Sue M, Suzanne, Tom, Tricia, and please forgive me if I’ve omitted someone!

Whether you’re a writer or not, I trust there is a cadre of believers who have bolstered you in your endeavors. In this month of heightened attention to gratitude, have you considered acknowledging the difference that those believers have made in your life? Go for it! Gratitude expressed in any month is bound to deliver joy.

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Assembling a Life

My father’s art has always been a source of joy and comfort . . . even in down or depressing times. My memoir, Assembling a Life: Claiming the Artist in My Father (and Myself), tells the story. Loaded with color photos (and some black and white) on just about every page, it’s a visual feast.

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