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When I point my camera’s viewfinder, I don’t typically think about how I will utilize the resulting photograph. I am drawn to vibrant color, simplicity and sublime scenery. Most of my pictures fall into one of three categories:

1  Poetry Prompt
Prayer to the Falling Leaves


May I glide downward to my final

  destination with your grace and ease.

May the rich hues that

  my autumn brings give others delight

  even as they prepare for my demise.

May I settle into the ground

  spreading nutrients for others’ growth.

And if I cross paths with a rake,

  I hope it belongs to somebody

  who believes in compost. 


~ Published in Porter Gulch Review – 2008

Autumn Leaves on Wet Sidewalk

2  Fodder for Reflection

View from Monastery, Lucia, CA

3  Joys in Looking Up and Down

Twin Lights, Rockport, MA



“Found Words, Found Wisdom” Calendars


I picked up where my twelve-year-old self left off: I’m still making calendars! For several years, I’ve selected numerous collages to place in my series of “Found Words, Found Wisdom” calendars. This is not a commercial operation: these calendars are given to dear friends and family at holiday time.


Collage by Martha Clark Scala

I prefer to gift collages to loved ones as an offering of joy or gratitude. My portfolio of collage art is not for sale. However, I occasionally prepare commissioned work to commemorate special people or momentous occasions.



In Memory of Gerry Gardner


This video bids a heartfelt farewell to my teacher, colleague and enthusiastic supporter, Gerry Gardner. I combined my written words with images and soothing music and this helped me make progress in digesting the death of a beloved friend.

Silent Retreat Scrapbook


You are invited to spend several minutes at the New Camaldoli Hermitage in Lucia, California. Consider the prospect of silence and contemplation for your meditative pleasure. I highly recommend it.

Rockport: Through Multiple Lenses


Travel to Rockport, Massachusetts to witness the beauty that has inspired many generations of Clarks.  The seaside town north of Boston has given me many joyful memories throughout my life.

CREATIVE WORKS:     blog      writing/articles      feel'better'resources     visual"art

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