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Martha’s De-Staggering Strategies


  • Watch a hilarious movie (Little Miss Sunshine, Waking Ned Devine, Pink Panther)

  • Watch a hilarious TV show (I Love Lucy, Seinfeld, The Simpsons)

  • Watch a heart-warming movie (Amelie, Once, Chocolat)

  • Take a time-out (no calls, no e-mail, no social visits, no work) 

  • Rest

  • Spend time around a young child or animal

  • Exercise/Move the body/Dance/Skip

  • Make a gratitude list

  • Read a delightful children’s book (My Secret Garden, Love You Forever, Winnie the Pooh)

  • Spend time in nature, removed from the rat race

  • Sing

  • Snuggle with a loved one

  • Read a favorite poet (unless you hate poetry)

  • Minimize exposure to bad news or emotionally draining situations (i.e., cover your ears!)

  • Create something … anything! (and leave the perfectionist part of you behind)

  • Listen to uplifting music

  • Get pampered (massage/bodywork, manicure, facial, hot tub/spa)

  • Add to this list

CREATIVE WORKS:     blog      writing/articles      feel'better'resources     visual'art

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