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What Is “Letting Go”?


This is a riddle that has many people stumped. Sometimes it can be easier to define something by clarifying what it isn’t.

  • Letting go isn’t forgetting.

  • Letting go isn’t moving on as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

  • Letting go is not ending a relationship.

  • Letting go isn’t the opposite of holding on.

  • Letting go is not the absence of tears.

So, what is it? See if any of these proposed definitions and affirmations help you resolve some of your ambivalence about letting go.

  • I accept and absorb the facts of this death. At the same time, I can wish it weren’t so and protest that it’s unacceptable but I know I can’t have a reversal of what took place.

  • I acknowledge the loss of this person in my tangible day-to-day world. At the same time, I sustain my relationship with this person by relishing shared experiences and anticipating future interactions of a different sort.

  • I recognize the loss of this person in my daily life, but s/he is and will always be a part of me, and in this way s/he lives in and through me.

  • I release this person to the next world that is greeting him/her. I hold on to my memory of him/her and our relationship and I release my desire to alter the outcome. It cannot be altered.

  • I embrace the essence of my beloved by choosing to live my life as fully and consciously as possible.

CREATIVE WORKS:     blog      writing/articles      feel'better'resources     visual'art

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